Pudding, Parenting and the P*Word

A workshop for parents, care-givers, teachers and those working with young people to understand the damaging effects of p*rnography and explore how we can all offer aspirations of healthy relationships and sex in a confusing world.

How it works

7.30pm – Drinks and desserts

7.45pm – Workshop / Presentation

9.00pm – Q&A / Close

With the rapid and constant evolution of the digital landscape, p*rnography is having an increasingly alarming influence on the brains, hearts and relationships of our young people.

Alongside the incalculable wonderful opportunities the digital world has opened up to us all, the accessibility and anonymity of p*rn leaves our young people extremely vulnerable – the average age of (accidental) first exposure being 9 years.

Our culture – on and offline – is doing its best to shape our understanding of what is normal and expected but our young people desperately need to know there’s a better, richer, deeper story when it comes to healthy relationships and sex. Kitted out with some wisdom, information, practical and conversation tools we as informed adults are much better placed than we think to point them towards aspirational, beautiful and fulfilling relationships – even with all our imperfections!

With Mandy Marshall-Taylor
(Schools Associate, Naked Truth https://nakedtruthproject.com/

We hope that as a result of the workshop, you’ll feel more equipped for tricky conversations, that the relationship with the young people in your care will be strengthened and you’ll be better able to guide them on trusted paths for their own healthy future relationships.

“P*rn changed my mind…it changed the way I viewed people…it changed my expectations… it changed – I mean everything about me, besides my physical appearance. Mentally it just ripped me apart.” Ryan, age 18

“There isn’t p*rnography over here, and trafficking over there… they’re interlinked.”
Melissa Farley Ph.D., Executive Director, Prostitution Research and Education

This event may be for right now or may be in preparation of a future moment when your children are older. You are welcome to join whether or not you are a parent and whatever the age of your children.

Find Out More

The evening is running on Monday 21st November, 7.30pm-9pm.

For more information, please email relationships@stcuthmanswhitehawk.org