Youth at St Cuthman's


Cafe 3-4pm
If you’re in school years 7-11, then Wednesdays at St. Cuthman’s is the place to be! We kick off a busy afternoon with our Youth Cafe which runs between 3-4pm. Jump off the bus outside church and come and hang out with the youth team!

We open our doors and welcome everyone in with a free hot chocolate and donuts. If that isn’t enough, then head over to our game station, or maybe try your luck at beating the leaders at a game of ping pong? You can get your nails done at our pop up salon, or just chill out round a table for a game of cards.

Group 4-5pm
Open to anyone in year 7-11, group is all about having a safe space to gather, make friends and grow together. Meeting together every week during term time, we eat together round the table, play ridiculous games and talk about real life and the difference Jesus makes.


If you’re aged 10-14 then come and join us at 10:30 for our weekly sessions during Church. Expect a load of fun, snacks and time to get to know Jesus more together.

Stay in the loop

Follow us at @stcuthmans & drop us a DM to say hello.